Phil Horne
Linked Into Sales

Philip Horne has specialised in Digital Marketing since 2000. He is the founder of Linked Into Sales, which is a marketing agency that helps B2B clients generate leads through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn presents a tremendous opportunity for businesses to reach out directly to decision makers, engage and nurture them. In order to exploit this, Philip has developed a proven 5 step system called ‘Sales 24/7’, which he uses to achieve amazing results for clients.

During his presentation Philip will take you through ‘Sales 24/7’ so that by the end of the presentation you can walk away with a full system and step by step strategy to get in front of more prospects, generate more leads and get more clients.

Georgia Jenkins
Mindset Strategist

At Reul, we help shift limited belief systems into more powerful mindset.

Techniques, skill and knowledge have been gathered over twenty years working with different community leaders to create a work life balance and a positive way of being. Turning you from a ZERO to a HERO by assisting you achieve the goals and taking them from a dream and making it your reality

Motivating people to become the best of who they are? Yes that is what we do and more.

After travelling different parts of the globe, we understand different cultures and ways of thinking that creates balance and transforms peoples lives. A unique way to adapt to todays way of living to enhance your quality of life whilst serving your needs.

Each journey is different for everyone and we pride ourselves in creating a safe environment to bring about the change with ease.

Whether we are working with individuals or teams, we provide easy step by step tools to empower you on your journey and we do this together so you’ll never feel your alone.

After all, life is about living not existing.

Kate Nightingale
Consumer, Fashion and Brand Psychologist
Style Psychology

Kate Nightingale is a consumer, fashion and brand psychologist with experience in retail, hospitality, marketing and construction industries. She has studied psychology, economics, marketing and fashion and continues her education daily.

Kate is also the founder of Style Psychology Ltd, a (customer) HUMAN Experience Consultancy with a twist. It is a new view on consumer business stemming from an old view on the human. Our unique formula mixes decades of scientific wisdom on human behaviour, with our team’s unrivalled experience in consumer business and creative thinking unlike any other.

Kate and her associates worked on varied projects with brands like House of Fraser, Harvey Nichols, Next and intu Trafford Centre and had recently collaborated with architectural firm on leisure centre concept design for Water Babies.

She is a lecturer in consumer behaviour and psychology at London College of Fashion and often speaks at industry events, recently Retail Design Expo 2016, POPAI Retail Experience Conference July 2016, User-Centred Design Conference 2016 and Shopper Brain Conference in Amsterdam 2016.

Kate has been Highly Commended in Customer Experience Category at Women in Marketing Award in 2017 and, under her watchful eye, Style Psychology Ltd has won Best Consumer Behaviour Consultancy Award in Corporate Vision Consultancy Awards 2015.

Kate is often approached by press and has appeared on Sky News, BBC News Channel, Channel 4 News, ITV London News, The Independent, Guardian.

Agnesia Agrella
Author, Mind Your Own Business