Ten pupils from Lochgelly High School in central Fife returned from their life-changing expedition to Arctic Greenland on Wednesday 18 April, to a hero’s welcome from their friends, family and local community.

The 14-16-year-old pupils, along with their very own head teacher Carol Ann Penrose, trained for months to ensure they were all physically and mentally equipped for the 10-day, 100km expedition in Eastern Greenland. In the Arctic, everyone hauled their own 45kg sledge, navigated, camped on the sea-ice and undertook scientific experiments in support of the Scottish school curriculum.

“These outstanding pupils worked as a team to navigate, ski and camp in some of the world’s most unforgiving terrain but ultimately it has been a hugely positive, life-changing experience. They have returned from the Arctic bursting with pride, emanating with self-confidence and ready to inspire their peer groups across the country.”

Carol Ann Penrose, the head teacher of Lochgelly High School and a mother of three children, commented: “One of our big messages as a school and as part of the local community is not to be afraid of challenge but to take it on and believe you can succeed if you are prepared to work hard, pick yourself up and keep going after every setback.

“To be part of this expedition has been a real privilege and a once in a lifetime opportunity for me as a person, as well as a head teacher. I am certain that it will inspire me to continue to strive for and work towards what I believe in and to fulfil my own aspirations in my personal and professional life, working alongside the young people and families of the Lochgelly community.”