Edinburgh is one the most beautiful cities to live in. Edinburgh offers one of the best experiences you will ever have in your life – a number of festivals throughout the year.

Here are some of the festivals in Edinburgh:

  • Edinburgh International festival is a unique cultural phenomenon and each year it attracts over 4 million people. Only the Olympics and the World Cup exceed the number of tickets sold for Edinburgh’s festival events. The Edinburgh International Festival was established in 1947 and is ranked as one of the most important cultural celebrations in the world. On average the Festival presents over 160 performances involving over 2,500 artists to an audience of up 400,000 each year.
  • The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world with live theatre and comedy performances.
  • The Edinburgh International Science Festival is the world’s first science festival, founded in 1989 and remains Europe’s largest with 200 events and visitor numbers in excess of 90,000.
  • The Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF), established in 1947, is the oldest continuously running film festival in the world, screening over 150 feature films from over 50 countries.
  • The Edinburgh Art Festival (EAF) is the UK’s largest annual festival dedicated to visual art.
  • The Edinburgh International Book Festival is the largest of its kind and hosts almost 800 authors from over 40 countries around the world.

The Edinburgh International Marketing Festival (EIMF) is an opportunity for authors and entrepreneurs to launch and sell their new products to this amazing audience. What better way to strengthen your brand and tell the world about your book and products.

EIMF will take up its place next to the following other festivals that run from end July to end August every year.

To launch your book or your products at this exciting and unique market place contact us today.


Anna Publico-Ong is co-founder of Picodeliq a digital design studio with a big heart and big dreams for design and their clients. She has engineered expansion for her clients to extend their client base to the Asia Pacific region and London.

She and her team provides advice on developing brand and corporate identity, developing websites using the latest open-source technologies and industry standard. They are resident in Edinburgh Scotland, but do business globally.

Picodeliq’s mission is to create world class designs for ordinary people and global thinking business. They are a full service agency providing consultancy, training, graphic design, web development and applications development. Anna runs a monthly Marketing Meetup where she facilitate great discussion on branding and marketing.

Branding is so important today and marketing your brand on digital platform is essential. Doing this efficiently and cost effectively can be the difference between being successful and going out of business.

Agnesia is a process specialist assisting sole entrepreneurs and businesses grow their business through technology. With her extensive knowledge and understanding of the interdependencies between business processes, and data she adds value by documenting business processes in various modelling tools to bring all stakeholders to common understanding of current business processes and challenges.

Her strengths are facilitating and leading diverse teams to link to their business vision using technology and finding solutions that best suit business needs and requirements. Her openness to share her knowledge creates collaborative teams that focus on finding great solutions for any business problem.

She constantly expands her knowledge in her field to understand how new technology can benefit the business area she works with.

Agnesia believes that each business is a system as complex as that within the human body. When a body’s systems work well, it is healthy and when a business’s systems work well, it makes lots of money.

Combining the power of the human body with clear business focus allows the staff of that business to achieve extra ordinary results. Agnesia can lead your team to achieve extra ordinary results.
Together Anna and Agnesia bring years of experience in marketing and process to successfully launch your book!!